The Dawood Foundation
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The Dawood Foundation (TDF) was the “materialization of a decade-old dream” of the founder, Ahmed Dawood which became a reality in 1960. TDF was conceived as an educational foundation whose main focus was to support and promote educational initiatives in the fields of Science, Technology, and Research.

Over the years, it has been heavily concerned with the construction of schools and colleges, but is now moving to undertake projects that are more content and technology based in its knowledge dissemination. This includes initiatives on science literacy, history, and environment conservation.

In conjunction to education, TDF has donated to various hospitals and medical projects including contribution for the construction of the Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital and buildings in Aga Khan hospital.

The Foundation has also been heavily involved in relief work during national disasters such as the cyclones in East Pakistan in the 1960s, the Kashmir and Baluchistan earthquakes in 2005 and 2008 respectively, the floods of Sindh and Punjab 2010, and the Thar drought of 2012.

Vision And Core Values

Shahzada Dawood, Abdul Samad Dawood, and Sabrina Dawood starting plantation campaign

The Dawood Foundation aims to reconstruct social and spiritual values through educational initiatives which will create better standards of living for people and augment their potential for growth through personal and professional development.

The Foundation wishes to participate in or initiate projects that will create better opportunities for people to groom their character and expand their horizons in their chosen interests for the betterment of themselves, their families, their communities, their countries, and the world.

The new generation of trustees is very interested in enhancing the understanding of nature, the environment along with better comprehension of the conservation practices.

They hope to inculcate in the young the love and respect for the environment and to instill in them qualities that will always take into account the environmental impact in whatever endeavours they wish to take in the future.

Although TDF is primarily an educational orientated philanthropic concern, it does (when the need arises) donate funds for natural and man-made disasters to alleviate human suffering.

The Foundation is a Pakistan-centric enterprise, however, its board believes in equal opportunity for all irrespective of race, creed, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and gender. The trustees uphold integrity, honesty and legal and ethical standards as a requisite in all their dealings.