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The Dawood Foundation (TDF) in collaboration with Engro Foods Limited (EFL),

The Citizen Foundation (TCF) and Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF) started a pilot literacy program in 2013 for children aged 12-21 with no formal or less than primary schooling. Before launching this social initiative at a large scale, a pilot literacy program was initiated in selected villages of

Sahiwal district and adjoining areas. The results of this pilot programme were very encouraging in which more than 350 children participated and wherein latest technology tools including mobile phones and tablets (with specially created applications) were used to make children literate. Although the pilot programme established that the use of technology could help

significantly in contributing towards solving the problem of education in Pakistan on a large scale but at the same time as of now it was not been found economically viable if scaled on a mass level. An Independent Post Program Assessment Test Was Conducted By Oasis Insights To Gauge The Impact Of Pilot Program On The Literacy Level Of Children.

The Link to this link is given below:

E-education final1

Video Clips of the E- Education Pilot Project

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