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Dawood Public School (DPS) is one of the largest girls school in Karachi, offering O and A level education to over 2500 girls. The school is housed in a single campus which consists of 4 buildings.

accredited first aid and basic life support course, as well as community service internships through reputable NGOs in karachi before they graduate. Furthermore, they are taught to respect the environment through

DPS offers spacious science labs, indoor sports, outdoor sports fields, spacious class rooms, a food and nutrition lab, art studios, children’s indoor and outdoor play areas, computer labs and libraries. DPS is one of the pioneer green schools in Pakistan and gives importance to health and environmental education. Children are expected to learn about health and hygiene throughout their years in the school and are required to attend an

compulsory gardening classes and projects that address environmental issues. The students of the school have consistently achieved a 100% pass rate in their examinations and have been accredited with several distinctions by the Cambridge International Examination board over the years. DPS began its operations

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in 1983, and continues to increase its student strength since then. The school was

founded by Ahmed Dawood as a part of Dawood Educational, Initiative in 1979 and has been growing since then

under Hussain Dawood. It has been flourishing as an ongoing project under The Dawood Foundation and remains one of the few operational projects of the Foundation.

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