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Federal Government Dawood Public School Muzaffarabad was one of the schools which was destroyed during the earthquake of 2005 and was reconstructed by TDF. Formal inauguration of the school was done in June 2008.

After the devastating earthquake in October 2008, an amount of Rs. 8.6 million had been placed with Dawood Group’s CSR Committee for doing health related projects in the affected areas. The CSR committee approached different local authorities, and numerous discussions about reconstruction of damaged and destroyed hospitals took place with various local government as well as private bodies. However, all such projects had been given to major donors.

The CSR committee then decided to donate money to the educational sector. They came across a completely destroyed school in Muzzafarabad called ‘F.G. Neelum High School’ on the bank of Neelum River. They were saddened but touched to see young children studying in makeshift tents. The committee soon wrote to the local authorities of Muzzafarabad that they will undertake F.G High School’s reconstruction project.

The CSR committee then began working on the design and drawing of the reconstructed school building in Lahore. A firm was hired to execute the reconstruction project. Mr. Hussain Dawood, the Chairman of The Dawood Foundation, visited Muzzafarabad and presented the layout and drawings of the school to local authorities, AK Brigade HQ, Commander 5 Corps and GOC 12 Division.

Initially, an amount of Rs. 8.6 million was reserved for the reconstruction, however after analysing the drawings it was concluded that this amount wouldn’t be sufficient. The Chairman raised the amount to Rs. 14 million. A while later, the committee decided to construct an earthquake-proof building as Muzzafarabad gets frequent earthquakes. This raised the total amount further to Rs. 30 million as the school would now cover more area and would be bigger.

The construction began in 2007 and the school was inaugurated in June 2008. Raja M. Zulqarnain Khan, President Azad Kashmir along with G.O.C Murree 12 Division Major General Zaher-ul-Islam, Minister of Agriculture Pir Murtaza Gillani and Minister of Information Noreen Arif attended the inauguration ceremony. Brigadier (R) Akram Khan along with Mr. Shahzada Dawood hosted the ceremony.

The school was renamed as ‘F.G. Dawood Public School’ and is up to Matric level. It caters to approximately 800 to 1000 students. The staff of the school is extremely dedicated and keeps the educational standard quite high. It has a playground and well-equipped Science and Computer laboratories.

Till now, seven students of F.G Dawood Public School have been selected in Pakistan Army. They are currently serving as ‘Captains’ but will soon be promoted to a higher rank as ‘Majors.’