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Literacy rate in Pakistan is alarmingly low. The ASER report of 2017 shows that Pakistan’s overall education score is 67.96. The country requires a minimum of three schools every hour to accommodate an incremental 3 million students each year.

With its commitment to provide quality education, TDF has established formal education initiatives including KSBL, DPS, DCET, MDSVAD, Ahmed Dawood Chair at LUMS, F.G Dawood Public School Muzaffarabad.


Karachi School for Business & Leadership

The Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) is a leading and distinguished graduate management school in Pakistan that equips youth with indispensable knowledge and skills needed.…

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Dawood Public School

Dawood Public School (DPS) is one of the largest girls’ schools in Karachi, offering O and A level education to over 2500 girls. The school is housed in a single campus which consists of 4 buildings.…

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Dawood University of Engineering & Technology

To contribute to Pakistan’s growing demand for engineers and technology experts, The Dawood Foundation achieved its first major milestone in 1962 by taking an initiative to build …

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F.G. Dawood School

Federal Government Dawood Public School Muzaffarabad was one of the schools which was destroyed during the earthquake of 2005 and was reconstructed by TDF. Formal inauguration of the school was done in June 2008.…

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The Ahmed Dawood Chair was established in 2003 by The Dawood Foundation for the SBA School of Science and Engineering Dean so as to maintain the high faculty and educational leadership standards at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).…

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Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts

Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design welcomes new forms of visual experience and offers a multidisciplinary approach as a way to explore the connection between art and different branches of knowledge.…

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Co-Curricular Initiatives and Activities

The Dawood Foundation encourages young minds to actively participate in co-curricular activities allowing them to discover their talents. The Foundation regularly organizes summer camps that engage children through challenging and fun-filled activities that nourish their intellects.…

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