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The Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) is a leading and distinguished graduate management school in Pakistan that equips youth with indispensable knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the current and upcoming competitive era. The institute is committed to instill integrity, merit, innovation and excellence in the young students and is looking forward to create a community of successful future leaders and entrepreneurs in the future.

At KSBL, the students are immersed in an optimal learning environment that offers the latest educational technologies and modern facilities.The campus was designed by William McDonough + Partners (WM + P), a U.S.-based architectural firm known as a pioneer in sustainable design. The school comprises of state-of-the-art, horseshoe-style lecture theatres, seminar rooms, breakout and meeting rooms, cafeteria, a resourceful library and a fully equipped auditorium.

In the spring of 2009, KSBL entered into a unique Strategic Collaboration Agreement with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. It included Cambridge University’s assistance in hiring world-renowned faculty and designing an international curriculum tailored for the local business environment, in accordance with global standards of excellence. Cambridge also helped in starting the Executive Education at KSBL by sending its faculty to Pakistan to deliver the courses.

The advanced instructional technology allows students to avail real-time lectures, presentations and sessions from the faculty and CEOs worldwide, facilitating distance learning and expanding education far beyond the classroom walls at KSBL.

The school’s academic programmes aspire to enhance the leadership capabilities of our country’s next generation. The full-time MBA journey is a transformative experience for students because they learn from some of the world’s most accomplished faculty, as they deliver a leading edge curriculum, challenging and encouraging pupils to apply pragmatic solutions in everyday situations. Exclusive features of KSBL’s MBA include “The CEO Mentorship Programme”, a forum where students are linked with a CEO who grooms and guides them throughout their educational period at the school, and “Seminar Series on Global & Pakistani Perspectives” where students absorb lessons from the experiences of the most effective leaders of the country.

KSBL’s Executive Education provides companies with opportunities to maximise their human capital. It is a platform for professionals to establish valuable business networks, interact with diverse organisations and widen their scope of personal and professional growth. The institute offers open enrollment and customised trainings to corporations and is striving to be the leaders in creating synergies between theory and practice, mainly by responding to market needs and management challenges.

KSBL also offers an Executive MBA (EMBA) programme, which is an exceptional opportunity for mid-career managers and entrepreneurs.

The bi-annual academic periodical, “KSBL Review”, has acquired international popularity and is catalogued in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and WorldCat. With top-notch faculty and distinctive measures, KSBL promises to produce graduates who are capable and effective, and will influence the nation’s business community, think tanks, and dialogue forums.

“Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Hussain Dawood, the Dawood Foundation (TDF) has been a major source of support for the Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL). TDF has provided generous financial assistance during the years 2012-13 & 2013-14 that has helped strengthen the Institute’s capacity to provide quality education to students through loans and merit-based scholarships. TDF has throughout been highly cooperative and has thereby played a significant role in KSBL’s success. Mr. Hussain Dawood’s leadership, support, generosity and desire for excellence have been instrumental in making KSBL what it is today!”