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With the objective to encourage science literacy in society, The Dawood Foundation organises science exhibitions. MagnifiScience Exhibition is a collective effort by national and multinational corporations, public sector organisations, academia, entrepreneurs and specialists in various science fields. The exhibition provides a learning space to explore the world of science through Exhibits, Experiments and Expositions. These exhibitions promote the culture of science, technology and critical thinking in the country.

23rd – 25th Sept. 2016

TDF MagnifiScience Exhibition 2016 was the first ever science exhibition that was open for public in Pakistan. This was the largest gathering of science enthusiasts that came together for a singular cause of promoting science in society. The Exhibition was attended by over 40,000 visitors in three days.

The Exhibition was sponsored by Engro Corp, D.H. Corp and supported by HUBCO.

Department of Education & Literacy immensely supported TDF MagnifiScience Exhibition in mobilizing public schools across Sindh and giving public school students a chance to be a part of this initiative. Students from Badeen, Dadu, Thatha, and Tharparkar also participated and learned the wonders of science from the exhibition.

MagnifiScience was open to the public and served as a place for people to learn and for others to project/display their scientific knowledge and expertise.

Themes included:

Basic Sciences

Science Of Technology

Earth Science

6th – 8th Oct 2017

After the success of the first TDF MagnifiScience Exhibition, numerous science clubs, national/multinational corporations as well as public sector organization approached TDF to host the second MagnifiScience Exhibition.

The Exhibition was doubled in size, including the covered area, number of themes, number of exhibits, and participants. Over 50,000 visitors attended the exhibition making it yet again the biggest science gathering in the country.